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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dyron Primus Again

We understand that the Decatur Police Department has located Primus and taken him into custody.  Sheriff Franklin is pissed.  She was looking forward to the media blitz that comes with her capture of an inmate.

Why is the media putting out short comments about Dyron Primus.  This guy is bad news.  A danger to society.  There once was a time that the media would have taken the time to review all the records and report the truth.  Are you folks so damned scared of Sheriff Ana Franklin and her crooked contacts at the State that you won't report the facts.  Big deal Ana didn't tell you Primus is a danger to society.  There once was a time that the media called themselves investigative reporters.  Oh! Those were the days.

When Franklin gets arrested, is the media going to write a one line paragraph stating that Sheriff Ana Franklin has been arrested for unknown charges with a closing statement .  Poor Ana.

Folks, Dyron Primus is a hardened criminal.  I apologize the Alacourt pictures that I took this morning are not very good.  I took a little time to review the case records.  I found it interesting that some of the most serious charges such as robbery and burglary 1st were dismissed forcing a young man in his home and accosting him. I did not find the arrests from 2014, 2015, and 2016 on the Alacourt system.  I admit that I am not perfect but I could not find them.  When we first heard of the escape it was our understanding that Primus had only been back in the Morgan County Jail for approximately 20 days, yet he is already a trustee.  Primus is a trustee even though he is a flight risk.  Suddenly, it all makes sense.  We would almost bet that Sheriff Ana Franklin claimed in  court that Primus is a law enforcement informant.  Check out the number of hardened drug dealers and traffickers she has let out on work release, trustee, and maintenance such as mowing and road side clean up.  Sheriff Ana Franklin is notorious for letting these type criminals out on work release and as trustees while folks with child support and other non-violent inmates are kept in the jail  The question is why is Sheriff Ana Franklin so adamant about allowing the worst of the worst out on work release and as trustees?  We have heard a lot of scenarios about this question.  If we didn't know better we would think the sheriff is having these folks do illegal deeds for her.

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