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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Decatur Daily Editorial - Don't make the same mistake

Blogger Comments to Decatur Daily Editorial:  

Folks, there are more reasons that what Mr. Doepel wrote about in regards to Tab Bowling.  We can't help but wonder where Mr. Bowling was going to get $250,000.00 to funnel into the Morgan County Sheriff's office to help get them through, if he won the election.

We are leery of anyone who is willing to get involved in just about anything the Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama is involved in.
Decatur, keep what you have got.  
Decatur Daily Editorial:

To The Daily: Eight years ago the people of Decatur went to the polls and elected a mayor because they wanted a change in the way the city was being run.
They elected a man who had absolutely no experience running a city, whose first concern was his need for a new mayoral vehicle. It went downhill from there.
Decatur had to even hire an individual who could run the business side of the office of mayor, at no small expense to the citizens of this city. Change for change’s sake is rarely effective.
I am not intending to demean the character of Tab Bowling (Bowling is running against incumbent Don Kyle). He might be a nice person, but you do not and should not turn over a city with a budget of more than $55 million and 500-plus employees to an individual with a high school education and a career isolated to industrial sales.
The office of mayor is not an on-the-job-training position. We have things that are in place to help this city continue to meet the goals set forth by Mayor Kyle and our City Council, which, if allowed to continue, will be of benefit to all the citizens of Decatur.
Paul Doepel

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