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Saturday, September 10, 2016


We greatly appreciate your comments.  All of them.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is rewarding for us to know that we are getting the word out.  We have corruption in our county that we need to get rid of.

We have tried to be completely serious, we have made jokes, we have shammed a lot of the persons in positions of power and we have encouraged outside entities to look at what is happening in our county.  Either an outside agency will do something to rid our county of corruption or they won't.  Either way.  The people have the power to rid the county of corruption.  We all have a voice.  We should not fear using our voice for the betterment of our county, state, and our United States of America against corruption.  We have suffered through eight years of corruption at the highest level of government.  We have seen first hand the conduct of our state leaders to include the State Attorney General Luther Strange.  Alabama the Beautiful is the most wonderful place in the world to live in my opinion.  We were blessed to have the fortunate opportunity to travel over a large part of the world.  I was intrigued and loved every country that I visited but there is no place like home.

Folks we want the people of Morgan County to know that we have some damned good officers and corrections officers who work hard everyday to serve and protect our county and the metropolitan cities of our county.  We have lower level leaders such as Sergeant and below who has literally kept the sheriff's office going without adequate leadership and support from their leaders.  We have Price, Dutton, Mason, and their subordinates to thank for helping keep out county safe.  You have Bradley, a man with no job but apparently is highly regarded by the DA's office, Judges, County Commission, and the MCSO workforce as a whole.  Be proud of what you do every single day.  Wear your uniform as a badge of honor.  You know who you are.  Even if you do not get recognition for doing your job, you know you are on the right side.  Trust us when we say you don't want to be on the other side if and when this corrupt group of folks lined up in the domino line begins to fall.  We can't leave Judge Howell out of this sorry mix either.
Help us clean up our small part of the world.  We have met many people over the years in positions of power.  The position is powerful and in most cases will not fall.  However, the person who abuses that position of power will one day fall.  That does not necessarily mean that it will happen while they are in office but it will happen.  We may not see it on this earth but it will happen.  One good example of abusing a position of power is to claim to collect monies for specials needs victims.  Using those funds for everything but the special needs.  Using these monies to pad your pockets, those of your thugamuffins, and thugamuffinetts, buy expensive attire for these events, horses, and gear for the horses.  You may arrest an innocent person who is healthy and competent without cause and ensure that are charged, convicted, and sentenced but God will not stand for you to abuse those with special needs.  If I were you I would fear my God each night I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

The folks that are supposed to be the best of the best.  The folks whose job is to serve and protect the public in our town are some of the worst of the worst.  They are not worthy to arrest the most hardened criminal.

We have been asked if we fell sorry for the folks we are blogging on.  We have a clear answer to that one.  Hell no.  We do not even want to hear that "Greg Steenson made me do it".  These folks who are mostly uneducated, unprofessional, and ill equipped to handle positions of power have shown their true colors.

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