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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Charlie McCall coment - Truce-

Charlie McCall Comment:

You know I was just pointing something out. I didn't expect a smart ass decatur daily type answer. Maybe I was in the picture? I am an avid reader with no connections to anyone in any picture anywhere. I was merely pointing something out and I get this type of juvenile answer? So this is how you will treat your readership, gotcha'. I will close with a question, maybe it will receive a more RESPONSIBLE answer. Since when did an apparent accidental drowning become criminal in Morgan County? Why does the Sheriff feel the need to insert herself in a search and rescue operation? Eagerly waiting on an answer and I promise I will not point anything out in the future, this is a blog I like but if I want smart ass answers Ill call my ex- wife.

Blogger Comment:

Folks we love open honest communications.   We have to call a truce with McCall.  I will look into the matter of the drowning.  Franklin may have put her foot in her mouth again.  She is all about the media blitz.  Facts seem to become unimportant once the cameras are rolling.

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