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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ana's in town

Folks, this is the fourth week in a row that Sheriff Ana Franklin is said to be in town.  We cannot confirm that she was in town yesterday but we do know that she has been in and out of the sheriff's office for the past three weeks.  The story for yesterday was that Franklin was in meetings all day.  That may be about as truthful as when she had secretary Hilda telling the citizens who called the sheriff's office to speak to Ana that she was in the field training the deputies.  Who's going to train Franklin?

We hear that the reason she is back is to attend as many public events as possible to make her look the part of the Morgan County Sheriff so that she may run for reelection.  We are smarter this time than we were the last two elections.  We know that the media isn't going to report anything bad on Ana.  Why we don't know.  However, this time around the candidates will call press conferences in an attempt to educate the public.  That is the only way candidates for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office will get a fair shake.

The citizens have a right to know about the nepotism, the posse funds, the hiring of family and friends over qualified persons.

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