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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ana and the budget

Folks, we hear that Franklin is dead set and determined that she WILL have her own dispatch AT $400,000.00+.  Maybe Charlie McNichol, the Director of the Mobile 911, could talk some sense into hard headed Ana.  The Mobile County Sheriff's Office along with most of the surrounding rapid responders use the Mobile County 911 as their dispatch service.  Why is Franklin so insistent in using her own dispatch as a middle man to the Morgan County 911 dispatch?  What is she afraid of? 

Here is what we could gain if we did not have the expense of the MCSO dispatch.

10 Corrections officers to help bring the MCSO up to a number of corrections office that could help with the shortfall of correction officers.  Yea! We here you Ana.  We realize that you gave other duties as assigned to the Court House Security Guards as well as the dispatch workers.  We also know that isn't working.

Getting rid of the jail administrator is another means of saving money.  You have a warden so why don't you use that position as it was designated to be used.

You also have Dee Ann Goodwin that is of no value as a contractor personnel who drives a MCSO vehicle.

You also have Pam Berzett, another non MCSO employee, who drives a MCSO vehicle.

These positions should be managed by jail staff as they have been in the past.

The MCSO lacks dash cam capability for all of their vehicles.

The deputies access to body cams is little to none.

This is exactly how a no show sheriff responds to their own selfish and petty wants over necessities.

Franklin claims that the commission held back on her and that she found $200,000.00 earmarked for the MCSO and that she made the commission turn the money over to her.

If the county commission allows Franklin use this money for dispatch equipment and services vice employee pay there is no justice.

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