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Sunday, September 11, 2016


Folks, I remember exactly where I was when the first and second plane hit the Twin Towers.  Do you?  I was setting at my desk when my superior came in and told me that a plane had just hit one of the Towers.  My response is that planes often hit the larger building in New York.  I turned my TV channel from the county station to Fox News network.  We were standing their observing the impact of the first plane.  Our comments to each other was that this is definitely not a small engine plane impact.  While we were watching the TV screen the second plane hit the Tower number two.

 Our world change forever on that day.  I recall admiring how quickly the FSA was able to gain control of the air ways and locking down the flights.  Otherwise the attack could have been far worse.  I distinctly remember the folks still in the air over Pennsylvania who where willing to give their lives to try to take back the plane from the terrorists.  I watched in horror as people jumped from the towers giving up their lives their way instead of burning in an inferno.  Many things can't be said about what I saw during the weeks, months, and years after 9/11 but what can be said is how much I honor the first responders, many whom gave up their lives to save the lives of other, the families that stood strong to keep their families alive after losing loved ones, the moving moments when our Commander in Chief George W. Bush was informed of the tragic events, and the strength of our nation to pull together as one to fight the dirty bastards that forever changed our lives.

We as a nation must now always be vigilant of our surroundings, pay close attention to the ones around us, and report things that seem odd or out of what we may consider normal.  We have given up a lot of our freedom as American citizens to protect our county.  We will always be a strong nations.  We do need to make American Great Again.  We have had issues since 9/11 with our Commanders in Chief, Secretary of State, and down to the lowest level of Government.  We the people are responsible for making America Great Again.  We must all do our part.

Good Bless each and every citizen of the United States of America.  Be honorable.  Make a difference.


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