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Monday, August 29, 2016

Timothy Alan Hall Updated

Folks, we understand that Hall is working for a car dealership in Decatur these day.  And no it is not the Performance Auto Sales or Title Mart.  Hall should be in prison instead of walking the streets of Decatur.  Franklin placed him on outside work release status immediately upon entering the Morgan County Jail.  Read on for the entire story.

I was asked by an astute reader to prove the family relationship between the sheriff's son-in-law Derek Sheats and Timothy Alan Hall.   

The double standard that Sheriff Franklin has established in the Morgan County Sheriff's Office is despicable.   We validated the below information after hearing that Sheriff Franklin requested a prisoner swap between a Limestone County inmate named Timothy Alan Hall and a Morgan County inmate.  Timothy Alan Hall a relative (1st cousin of Derek Sheats married to Erika Franklin, Turner, Sheats) was sentenced to 15 years in prison in a Limestone County court proceeding for vehicular homicide.  Sheriff Franklin ordered that an In House Hold be placed on Hall.  The sheriff orders an agreement be signed with the Alabama prison systems allowing her to house Hall in the MCSO corrections facility.  This allows the county to hold onto the prisoner and he will never see prison walls.  Hall was assigned to work release immediately.  Hall spends more time out of jail than in jail.  Maybe the Sheriff's appetite for housing state and federal prisoners is why we need a larger jail. 

Timothy Alan Hall's family tree:  Sandra Frazier Hall is the mother of Timothy Alan Hall.  Sandra Frazier Hall and Debra Frazier Sheats are twin sisters.  Their mother is Carolyn Frazier she had three daughters Sandra Frazier Hall, Debra Sheats, and Tammy Frazier (deceased).  Carolyn Frazier still lives near Wilson Morgan Park and attends the Somerville Road Church of Christ.  Debra Frazier Sheats and Ralph Sheats had two children Doyle and Derek Sheats.  Derek Sheats married Erika Franklin, Turner, Sheats.  Erika Sheats is the daughter of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Turner?  Where have I heard that name?

Do you know how many prison bound inmates would love a sweet deal such as this.  This is the same kind of sweat deal that the sheriff's son-in-law Johnathan Stebbins got.

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