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Monday, August 29, 2016

Steven Ziaja leaving the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency for Greener Pastures

Folks, we previously reported Ziaja's involvement in the Title Marts.  A lot of things have changed since way back then.  We understand that Ziaja is going to work for the Tennessee Law Enforcement Agency.  Ziaja set out to make a name for himself in Morgan County, Alabama.  We believe he accomplished that mission.
Steven Ziaja was recently spotted at the Decatur Title Mart hard at work.  Ziaja is a silent partner with the Title Marts in Decatur, Trinity, Hartselle, and Hoover. We wonder if the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is aware of his side job? For you folks who do not know who Steven Ziaja is, he is/was Sheriff Franklin's boy friend.  Ziaja is an agent with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

I can't help but wonder if the ALEA knows that Ziaja has a business relationship with Greg Steenson, one of the members of Priceville Partners, LLC.  We believe that Mr. Steenson was found guilty of being involved in a Kite Scheme involving several local banks.  We believe one article identified Steenson as the middle man in the $8.5 million scheme.  We are surprised that Steenson is in the same business as he was in when he went to prison.  To verify this information do a Google business entity search on the state's website.  Type in Priceville Partners 2, LLC and you will see see Mr. Steenson's name as one of the managers and organizers.

There have been several complaints made against Ziaja during his time as an ABC agent.  To date no known disciplinary actions have been taken against Ziaja.  A resident of Decatur said he stalked her in a grocery store.  Another lady told of an incident where Ziaja showed up at their home flashing his badge and trying to search their home without a warrant bragging about being the sheriff's boy friend.  In another incident Ziaja is said to have thrown a store owners records and files on the floor of his store in an outrage. Two alleged agents went to the office of one of the women who complained about Ziaja.  There are more stories but you get the picture.

                      This pic came from an article in the Decatur Daily.  Big Meth bust nets 4 arrest

                           Ziaja Hard at Work on the Priceville Title Mart Lot

                                 Hay! Isn't that an Impound that was sitting
                                 at the Sheriff's house?

      The below listed pictures were taken today.  The camera date is wrong.  We do not believe in cropping.  Less than two months ago the Hartselle Title Mart was filled to the brim with cars.  Today it appears that Title Mart has cut back on their inventory.

 Greg Steenson Article Below - Steenson was identified as the middle man in the Bank Scheme
                     More of the People convicted in the 8.5 Million Kite Scheme

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