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Monday, August 22, 2016

Steven Ziaja leaving the Alabama Law Enforcement Office for Greener Pastures

Steven has lost the love of his life, all of his money, self respect, and dignity because of his involvement with the Title Mart aka Performance Auto Sales debacle.  Ziaja is moving on and moving out.  We hear he will reside in Booger Holler hoping his reputation or lack off will fade away or just stay in Alabama.

We can only assume that his reputation for investing $846,000.00 into the bankrupted Title Mart along with his part will be with our community for some time to come.

We placed a call to Ziaja a few days ago to get his opinion of Greg Steenson's arrest but he did not want to comment.  Sheriff Ana Franklin did not want to talk either.  We actually caught Sheriff Franklin in the office on one of her rare cameo appearances.  That was the day the F bombs was flying out of her mouth like lava out of a volcano.  Franklin is one smooth talking sheriff.   Franklin started out with high hopes, they were leaders in the community, they helped judge Howell get elected, they was working hard to get new blood flowing through the county with the folks they had picked.  Isn't that scary?

Now! Ziaja is broke, the no show sheriff spends most of her time in Mobile and the county is in the biggest mess many of the old geezers that sit at the liars tables in the community stores and mom and pop restaurants have ever seen.

We find it interesting that both Ziaja and Franklin had so much time to spend at their second jobs, the Title Marts, that they could not run the county and the state business.

Oh sure.  Ana rode shotgun with the deputies in the field training them on the proper procedures and protocols for them to make stops and arrest (at least that is what she told the clerks and Hilda to tell the public), and she worked diligently to train those incompetent movers and shakers that run the state on how to do their job.  The only problem is, geewhiz,  she can't even do the job she was elected to do.

It must be exhausting for Ana to work so hard at serving and protecting the public and still have all the free time in the world to run the posse scene, travel back and forth to mobile, and jet set around the country.

We hear that all of this hard work has taken a tole on both Ana and Ziaja.

Life in the fast lane

Tired, burned out, and moving on.


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