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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sheriff Franklin's Arrogance

 Folks, we hear that Sheriff Ana Franklin is on the rampage with the Title Mart debacle she finds herself in the middle of.

To recap Sheriff Ana Franklin invested $150,000.00 into the Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts.  Sheriff Ana Franklin said she used funds from her savings and her state retirement funds.  Folks if Sheriff Ana Franklin's mouth is open she is lying.  Here is why!  You cannot draw funds from the State's retirement funds while employed, nor could she possibly have that much money paid in.  In addition, it is very hard to believe that a person who borrowed $5,000.00 from the Title Mart a year before the investment had put that much money in their savings account.  If she did.  Where did she get the money?

Franklin did not just involve herself into the auto sales she pulled employees into the debacle.  All of which is illegal and unethical behavior.  Ana Franklin invested in a company then starts buying vehicles from the business she invests in and her family buys multiple vehicles from the business she invested in.  One of our questions is how many of those vehicles that was purchased were paid for.  Franklin's partner Greg Steenson has been arrested on multiple felonies charges for his part in the Title Mart Ponzi scheme, Franklin's daughter Alyssa worked at the Title Marts, Franklin's boyfriend at the time Steven Ziaja an Alabama Law Enforcement Agent invested $846,000.00, Bones Wilson the Morgan County drug task force officer invested $100,000.00, Blake Robinson set up a cleaning business within the Hartselle Title Mart and made over $38,000.00 dollars, and John Venegoni another Alabama Law Enforcement Agent who we believe to be Steven Ziaja's boss was buying and selling cars at the Title Marts.

To date none of these folks other than Steenson has seen the other side of jail walls.  The State of Alabama apparently does not give a rats ass.  We hope that once the FBI and other outside agencies are through with their investigations of the incompetent leaders in Montgomery, they will focus on Morgan County, Alabama.

We encourage our readers to keep their eyes on the prize.  If nothing else we the people can make a difference during the elections. 

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