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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin showing her true colors and the F Bomb

Franklin had a bad night August 8, 2016 when she found out that her cousin and partner in the Performance Auto Sales had been arrested. 

Sheriff Ana Franklin made a cameo appearance yesterday to the Morgan County jail for a staff call.  It was apparent when Franklin came through the doors that it was going to be one hell of a morning.

Franklin is said to have yelled out that someone should get that Mo***r F****r out of my jail.  That is not nice Ana.  

Franklin proceeded to yell at her staff with F this and F that.  Franklin is so pissed that one of the deputies asked for the purchase of a new dog bowl for his K-9 he was told no.

Franklin, those four letter words are not acceptable for the work place.  No need for such a potty mouth.  Just because the word is getting out that you were butt deep into the Title Mart debacle that is no reason to take it out on your staff.  

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