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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin Intimidation Tactics

Sheriff Franklin is clearly a bully.  She bullies her employees, the deputies, clerks, and corrections officers.  She is simply a bully who apparently thinks everything should go her way or no way.

Franklin, if you and your thugamuffins think we are intimidated by you and your tactics you are very wrong.

Send your bullies around the county and have them watch the other deputies all you like.  That is a no win situation for you.  You have trained your thugamuffins and thuamuffinettes well, Beli, Bones, Berzetts, Goodwins, and Hilda. 

You are a thug with a gun (when you're wearing enough to attach a holster).  To add insult to all the women in the county you wear spandex to work and walk around with no shoes on.  Have you noticed how your staff comes to work?  Have you noticed how professional the deputies dress (most of them).  Have you noticed how the clerks dress.  Franklin you should lead by example, otherwise they'll dress down just like you:  tank top, cut-offs, and flipflops.

I can't imagine any other sheriff who runs around the county in spandex and hot pink toe nail polish acting like a teenager.  We are also told by employees and prior employees that this is your attire at the MCSO as well.

Please do not embarrass our community anymore this summer by running around in spandex. In addition, do not go to the sheriffs office and meet with employees while wearing spandex, a skin tight top, and no shoes.  You disgrace the position of Sheriff each time you do this.

Proper attire

Inappropriate attire, the shoes are ok...

 Proper footware

Not this

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