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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin and her employees

Sheriff Ana Franklin, we have spoken to a lot of your employees both past and present.  State and County agencies are just like any other organization.  You have your slackers, backers, brown nosers,
and then you have rest of the team:  the backbone of the organization.  They keep the organization running during the worst of times.  They compensate for the slackers, they pull double shifts, they support their boss, and follow proper protocol.  Even when thee is no guidance.  These are the folks that have had your back for five plus years.  They worked day after day, month after month, and year after year while you were trying to look good with the County Commission all the while you were cheating them out of pay.

You turned a blind eye to the folks who supported you the most.  You neglected to fight for raises.  You squandered MCSO money that should have gone to support the MCSO.  You squandered the money that could have been utilized to pay out incentive awards, annual awards, cash awards, and you cheated and abused the not-for-profit posse account as if those were your own personal funds.  Last but not least you cheated the special needs citizens out of valuable disability equipment that many of them needed but could not afford.

Once the posse funds were depleted you seem to have walked away from the posse and the posse members for greener pastures.  Advice for Charley.  Prenup should be in your future.  We think we have seen this movie before.

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