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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Perdido Beach Have Sheriff Will Travel But...

Not without an entourage.  The Alabama Sheriff's Association in Perdido Beach, Alabama was this past week.  You would expect some folks from the sheriff's office to travel to the training.  Since the theme this year is working with the mentally ill, you would expect deputies who may be dealing with the mentally ill to attend the training.  So why does Larry and Pam Berzett, Brian and Dee Ann Goodwin, Ron Livingston, Hilda, Justin Powell, and Ms. Hammond, Sheriff Ana Franklin, Alyssa Franklin, and good old Charlie have to do with the training at large.

Larry Berzett, Non-APOST certified supervisor over the jail employees vice Leon Bradley the Warden over the inmates.  Hum....

Pam Berzett, Chief Financial Officer (contract labor).  Does Sheriff Ana Franklin know what the word fraternize means?   Don't bother looking it up.  Consorting.  Like with contractors.  Like unethical.  Like business as usual in MCSO.

Dee Ann Goodwin (vendor contractor).  Here comes that word again. Fraternize.

Deputy Brian Goodwin (deputy and husband to Dee Goodwin).  None of the long term employees were allowed to go.  They are busy serving and protecting the public without overtime.  Promised comp time that they can't take because the sheriff' office is to short on staff to allow comp time to be taken.  Hum!

Ron Livingston, Captain and School Resource Officer Supervisor, over the reserves, an non APOST certified employee who has no job since Berzett came to work for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Secretary, Hilda.  Big Hum!!!!

Justin Powell, Corrections Officer at large. With his companion.
Promoted into a position that does not exist with no extra pay, so we are told. 

Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Jeeze Ana, could you sit this one out for the gipper? Of course not because Good Ole Charlie was there.

Last but not least Alyssa Franklin daughter and Title Mart connoisseur.

 And a fun time was had by all.  Thank you, citizens of Morgan County for paying for all that fun.    And you wonder why the office is near bankrupt?

Meanwhile, the cloud formations down there was interesting.

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