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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Owner of bankrupt Decatur business charged with theft, forgery By Ashley Remkus Staff Writer, Decatur Dailly, August 9, 2016

Please see the bloggers comments below in blue. 

Morgan County's sheriff had a man she claims owes her money transferred to a different jail Tuesday after he was arrested on charges relating to his ownership of a Decatur used car dealership.
We believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin should be a co-defendant in this case along with Alabama Law Enforcement Agents Steven Ziaja and John Venegoni.  We believe the Morgan County drug task force officer Robert AKA Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson should also be charged.
Greg Steenson, 47, 38 Jackson Way, Decatur, is being held in Limestone County Jail on eight counts of first-degree theft, a Class B felony, and Class C felonies of one count of second-degree theft and two counts of second-degree forgery.
Most likely Franklin wanted Steenson out of the jail ASAP with the hopes that folks in the county will forget all that has happened.  We do not intend to let that happen.
The charges stem from transactions that occurred while Steenson was associated with Priceville Partners LLC, District Attorney Scott Anderson’s office said Tuesday.
The dealership, which is the subject of a lawsuit between Steenson and another partner, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year in federal court with a list of creditors that includes Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.
Sheriff Ana Franklin alleged that she pulled $150,000.00 from her retirement and from savings.  Decatur Daily should dig into this story.  Franklin has not worked for the State long enough nor could she pull this kind of money from the state retirement fund.  As to Franklin's savings.  How could Franklin take money of this amount out of her savings account.  Sheriff Franklin borrowed $5,000.00 from Performance Auto Sales before she became a partner.  
In the criminal case, Steenson is accused of selling vehicles for which he did not have titles and forging other names to documents requesting replacement titles for the cars he sold, Anderson said.
In the civil case, Franklin claims Steenson misappropriated funds, including a $150,000 loan she made to the company last year.
We believe that Steenson misappropriated funds that had already been misappropriated.
Because of her ties to Steenson, Franklin said the Sheriff’s Office has no involvement in the criminal case.
Franklin's ties to Steenson and that of some of her employees is so deep that you would not think that the well would go dry, but it did.
District Attorney Investigator Johnny Coker apprehended Steenson late Monday and took him to Morgan County Jail, where he was booked on the 11 charges.
Franklin said she had Steenson transferred after she learned about the arrest Tuesday morning.
“All I know is there was an investigation because of all the lawsuits and bankruptcy,” the sheriff said. “And the district attorney’s office is handling all of that.”
Sheriff Franklin, to date there is only one lawsuit which is on going and that is a civil suit against Greg Steenson filed by Jeffreys.  The only other case is the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Billable Barney never did file a lawsuit against Greg Steenson on your behalf or Steven Ziaja's. 
The dealership filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Northern District of Alabama in March listing more than $5.4 million in claims from creditors.
The filing showed the company with between $500,000 and $1 million in assets.
Harold Jeffreys, a Decatur businessman and former banker, signed the filing as the company’s majority member. Jeffreys, who owns 60 percent of the company, late last year filed a civil lawsuit in state court against Steenson, who owned 40 percent of the company.
It is our belief that none of the criminals believed that they would be arrested so long as they told the same story.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Blame everything on Harold Jeffreys and don't personally sign any official documents and we will be covered.  We sent you the definition of a conspiracy last week.
Jeffreys claims in the civil lawsuit Steenson owes him $3.2 million from unpaid loans, and Steenson misappropriated the money from the company and Jeffreys.
Steenson was being held with bail set at $285,000.
If he makes bail, Steenson has been ordered to seek court permission before transacting any business involving vehicles, Anderson said.
Anderson and his team performed a very professional and successful investigation.  We commend the DA and his team of employees and investigator.  We are also proud that the investigation continues.
“This is an ongoing investigation, and it is possible that additional arrests may be made in relation to these and other transactions,” Anderson said.
If convicted, Steenson faces two to 20 years on the Class B felony charges and up to 10 years on the Class C felonies. or 256-340-2443. Twitter @are


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