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Monday, August 1, 2016

Meth and more

Franklin boasts that she rid Morgan County of all METH dealers.  She must have hired them to work in the Morgan County jail.  How long has Ana known about the illicit activity going on at the jail?

Will Ana fire employees at the last minute and destroy their credibility to save her own ass?  Some of our sources say you bet your ass she will.

We have been told that Franklin is head hunting so that in the event of a layoff she can keep in thugamuffins and thugamuffinettes in lieu of the employees she believes are talking to the whistleblower. She doesn't believe any of her hand chosen could possible tell us anything.  Sheriff Franklin let us share a little secret with you.  You ain't that well liked, even by some of the folks you hand picked.  

Franklin will try everything in her power to get rid of the highly qualified employees to keep the Berzetts, Livingston, the Goodwins, and family and friends.  Two of the most highly ranked men in the MCSO are not APOST certified.  Yet Franklin will hang on to Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston  because she hand picked them.  

The ONLY reason that the Morgan County Sheriff's Office is in the shape it's in right now lies on the shoulders of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  The employees are angry, frustrated, and under paid.  Our sources tell us that the sheriff's office has approximately $700,000.00 working capital to last until October 1, 2016.  We are told that the sheriff's office should have far more money than $700,000.00.  In addition to the monies Franklin receives from the county she also receives monies from the State and Feds for their inmates housed in the Morgan County jail.  Franklin has also received well over $800,000.00 in pistol permit fees over the past 6 years which adds up to approximately $200,000.00 per year.  Ana receives fees for her temporary work services she has going on with the inmates.  Add the monies from the  posse/rodeo funds that have poured and the discretionary funds the Sheriff's Office should have a considerable amount of money to work with. One of our sources claims that the Sheriff's Office is short right now of over $1,000,000.00.

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