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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Limestone County Jail

Folks, we made a call to the Limestone County Jail and verified that Greg Steenson has been booked into their jail.  Greg Steenson part owner of the Performance Auto aka Title Mart was arrested on August 8, 2016 and placed in the Morgan County Jail.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin who is said to be a relative of Greg Steenson and also invested into the Performance Auto Sales aka Title Mart is said to be very unhappy.  Franklin was heard in her office earlier today yelling.

I would yell too if I was mixed up in the Title Mart debacle.  I would also get a good attorney.  Franklin is fortunate that she relies heavily on Billable Barney for her legal guidance and direction.

Will Sheriff Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja, a Special Agent with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, find the cash to get Steenson out of the pokey.  It is ironic that the amount of money it will take to get Steenson out of jail is approximately $28,000.00 dollars.  Isn't it ironic that that number keeps appearing around Greg Steenson.

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