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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Larry Berzett's Nephew Edward Rutherford - Your Fired

Folks, we understand that Larry Berzett's nephew has been fired.  If you recall correctly Andrea Whisenant Rutherford resigned without proper notice.

This must have been a difficult firing for Franklin since she has set up the Morgan County Sheriff's Office with so many family members.

With the national video of Franklin coming out today it appears that she thinks she is the Donald.

We heard today that Childers was not fired even though he and Franklin got into an F Bomb argument that was so ugly the entire sheriff's office heard the dispute.

So! To go back a ways didn't she force Officer Sherman out because she though he was talking to the whistleblower.  Did she coordinate with Randy Vest to terminate Sherman just before his probationary time was up.  Maybe Sherman should have gotten into an F Bomb argument with Franklin.  Na! then you stoop down to Franklin's level.  Hey! didn't Franklin fire Key because she claimed he cussed her out? 

We are happy for Childers but we think we know why Franklin kept him on the books.  May have something to do with one of the clerks.  Got to keep the clerks happy.  Huh! Ana?

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