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Monday, August 1, 2016

Ken Callahan was falsely accused by his ex-wife - How did Ana handle the removal of his information from her FB

Folks, a few weeks ago we reported on an incident involving a civilian Mr. Ken Callahan.  Ken was falsely accused by his wife of domestic violence.  Ken was terminated from his job after his name showed up on the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook.

Ken's domestic violence case was transferred to another county where Ken was subsequently cleared of all charges.

It stands to reason that since he lost his job because of a post on the MCSO Facebook that a simple request to remove his name from the Sheriff's FB account would be honored.  Ken placed a call to Sheriff Ana Franklin which was never returned.

Ken made a visit to the Morgan County Sheriff's office and sat down for a chat with none other that Chief Deputy Corley.  Corley assured Ken that he would take the appropriate steps to remove his information from the Sheriff's FB. Guess what folks!   Corley did not keep his commitment to remove the information Franklin had posted on Ken Callahan.

We have said all along that Chief Deputy Corley is not a man of his word. Corley worries about Corley.  Corley comes into work around 9:00 a.m., takes his lunch at the restaurant his wife owns in Eva, Alabama, goes to the the cattle sales in Marshall and or Cullman County, and draws a paycheck.  What a guy.  He has sat idly by and watched his good friends and co-workers be fired and forced to resign.  One thing we know for sure is that Corley is nothing that he purports to be.  Corley is no Chuck Conners as the Rifleman.  He is the coward that Chuck Conners was not.  You young folks look it up.....

Now! Somebody with a little bit of character take Ken Callahan's information off of the darn Facebook.

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