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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ken Callahan Defamed by Sheriff Ana Franklin

Folks, it's OK to be wrong and willing to correct it.  It is another thing to be wrong and cause a man to lose his job, home, and dignity and to be so arrogant that you chose not to correct your errors.  That is exactly what happened in the case of Ken Callahan and the likes of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  In previous posts we described Callahan's arrest at the hands of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. A lot of things happened to Callahan that could have been easily corrected.  It should be noted all charges was dropped against Callahan.  In addition, Callahan went the extra mile to clear his name before and after his arrest.

Callahan asked the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin to remove the posts that slandered him and she ignored his requests.  Callahan finally walked into the sheriff's office and spoke to Chief Deputy Corley.  Corley assured Callahan that he would take care of removing the posts off of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook.  This action has finally been taken but only after we blogged about the meeting Callahan had with Corley.  No known connection.....

We found that Sheriff Ana Franklin has not removed the posts from her personal Facebook page.  Since Ana Franklin has her personal FB account set up identifying her as "Sheriff Ana Woodard Franklin" it appears that Callahan has a pretty good case of slander against Sheriff Ana Franklin and the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, and Ana Franklin the person.  Check out Franklin's profile on each of the FB accounts.  Both Accounts identify Franklin as the Sheriff of Morgan County.

Go for it Callahan! Quick while Franklin is still in office.  

 Ana Franklin's Personal FB Account

Callahan's Information currently on Ana Franklin's personal FB Account
Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook Account


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  1. Ken Callahan is missed by many! Wonder how much Ana's treachery had to do with what ultimately ended up being Ken's surprising suicide?