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Thursday, August 11, 2016

In a wreck and need a check?

According to a local family visiting Mobile County, Alabama Sheriff Ana Franklin and her boyfriend were recently involved in a wreck in Mobile, Alabama.  The couple said that they were driving through Mobile when they noticed a familiar face.  The couple turned their vehicle around and returned to the scene of the accident.  We know that Sheriff Franklin frequently drives a white Ford Explorer and at least one other vehicle. The couple noticed only that the wrecked vehicle was a white SUV.

Folks this is very interesting.  As a rule all incidents involving wrecked Morgan County Sheriff's Office vehicles the driver is required to take a urinalysis.  Sheriff Franklin we know that since you and Charley have been together, he has been seen driving MCSO vehicles.  Who was driving the MCSO vehicle on the day of the wreck?  Was the wreck turned into the MCSO insurance for repairs or is this another case where you negotiated a cash payment?   The drug task force hit a Church Awning  a few years ago and tried to pay cash for the incident.

It is obvious that Sheriff Ana Franklin and Greg Steenson are related.  One of his employees hit a vehicle owned by a local company and Steenson tried to get the company to allow him to pay cash for the incident.  The business owner refused and Steenson was forced to turn the incident into his insurance company once the business owner reported the accident to his company insurance provider.

We hope that the vehicle that Franklin or Charley hit turned the information over to their insurance provider.  They will most likely have to file suit to get this issue resolved.  We are currently digging for the police report.  

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