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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How can Sheriff Ana Franklin discipline her thugamuffins when they have been bad

Folks, have you ever wondered how Franklin can punish her thugamuffins since they know so much on her?

At some point all of the folks who have been disciplined, placed on administrative leave without or without pay, suspended, and forced to resign, or be terminated will speak up.  When they do poop will hit the fan.

It is interesting to see how folks behave when they have a corrupt boss.  Many times the good folks get caught up in the racket before they know it.  Others jump in feet first as is the case with Bones Wilson, Steven Ziaja, and Blake Robinson.  The money is great and they are happy because they are "the in group" with the commander in chief.  What could possibly go wrong when you hang out with the Commander in Chief?  Well! For one thing the Title Mart debacle.

You have Franklin surrounding herself with the Berzett's and the Goodwin's.  You have a member of the posse who walks up to the desk where event money is being counted, he picks up a wad of money and places the money in his pocket and walks out.  Look! It's like this, if a man will steal from an elderly aunt, he will do damn near anything.

In addition, we blogged that $5,000.00 is missing from the K-9 funds.  We stand corrected we know now it was $8,000.00.  Who is in charge of the Morgan County Sheriff's office?

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