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Monday, August 8, 2016

Going Broke Ana's Way

Folks it appears that Ana wants to go out with a bang.  She does not give a rat's ass that the Morgan County Sheriff's Office is broke.

Ana and her thugamuffins and thugamuffinetts are jet setting under the guise of "Training" while deputies on patrol are being told to use the gas wisely.  We have noticed that the roving patrols are now sitting on the sides of the road vice being seen out in the public to aid and assist in a deterrence against crime.

The employees are still being short changed on their pay.  One thing we did notice while our riding the roads is that it appears that Franklin has more roving patrols covering the section of the county that she lives in than any other section of Morgan County.  We can't help but wonder why.  Since Franklin is never in town, why put so much deputy power in one central location?

How can a sheriff who is from Morgan County, went to school in Decatur, whose family lives in Morgan County, whose children and grandchildren live in Morgan County be so arrogant as to milk their county, state, and federal government out of so much money?  How can Sheriff Ana Franklin live with herself.  Franklin may be narcissistic but she is no dummy.  According to the sheriff she has an almost BS degree.

We believe that Sheriff Franklin is full of Bull Shit, we just do not believe she has an almost Bachelors of Science Degree.

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