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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fun in the sun

Folks, we have also learned that Franklin, her kids, and grandchildren have spent approximately 6 weeks at the beach just this summer alone.  Very interesting.  The sheriff's office is broke and Franklin is jet setting her way across the beach scene.

We have MCSO employees working who have had no breaks, no overtime, no incentive awards, no raises and are worried to death about their jobs.  They are walking on egg shells while we the community and community leaders allow Sheriff Franklin to run around the country as if she is a millionaire with no worries.

Franklin, you can also stop putting out your propaganda BS and that does not mean your almost Bachelor of Science Degree. Stop telling the deputies that the budget "is OK" because it isn't.  Some of your ass kisser will say anything you relay to them.  The blogger isn't buying it.  This is no time to play around with the MCSO employees and the MCSO budget.  Do  your job for once or turn in your letter of resignation with what little dignity you have left.  You, Beli, Bones, Berzett and his wife, and Livingston should resign NOW.

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