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Monday, August 22, 2016

Folks, we here there is trouble in paradise between Ana and the acting sheriff.  Ana is it true that Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett is pissed at you for leaving him hanging with a bunch of employees that can't stand him, has no respect for him, and disrespects him as a person and a supervisor?  Larry needs to remember that the employees feel the same way about Ana.

The no show sheriff of Morgan County has certainly made a name for herself.  She is known state wide.  We would like to see Sheriff Ana Franklin go national.

It makes no sense to us that Charlie McNichol who has a decent job in Mobile as the Director of the Mobile 911 would get involved in the mess we have here in Morgan County.  Guess the old saying is right: Love is blind.

We understand that Franklin has been in town for a few days but has only made cameo appearances to the Sheriff's Office since Charlie is visiting.

The deputies tell us that Ana has two deputies off on administration leave who are APOST certified.  We encourage Ana to get off the pot and either put the deputies back to work or let them go.  The sheriff's office is seriously short handed which poses a threat to the deputies who are being forced to work without overtime.  The deputies are receiving compensatory time that they cannot take because of the shortage of deputies.  The deputies have no dash cameras to aide in protecting them against complaints.  The deputies are forced to sit in place for long periods of time because Franklin told them to reduce their gas usage.

Our community currently does not have enough deputies to adequately protect and serve the public.  We hear there are more non-APOST certified reserves on the road than regular deputies to include at least two chaplains driving county vehicles.  In addition, Non APOST certified Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett, Ron Livingston,  and Dee Ann Goodwin,a vendor contractor, are all driving vehicles.   The Falkville police department has body cameras yet MCSO can't afford to protect their deputies.

We can't help but wonder how billable Barney and Big Luther will protect the Good Sheriff in the event of a major incident.  Remember folks, Franklin bragged in open staff call that she will never be arrested in Alabama.  That may be true.  She may be at the beach or a casino when her day comes.

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