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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Folks this came from a very reliable source of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office

How does Ana have the audacity to speak those lies in the Decatur daily??? Biggest one I saw was 22 jailers per shift.. WRONG!! There is no way possible, especially when ALL dispatchers are considered corrections officers and security at the courthouse  !   Also, 10 officers at one time dealing with a mentally ill inmate  REALLY?  Most of the time, inmates with mental issues are locked into a solitary cell, whether that be a holding cell in booking or in the disciplinary cells in "C-7".... It is ridiculous that she bold face lies to the public. Does she not think that we read these things?? And, by the way Ana..... How do you know what procedures the jail operates under?? Did somebody tell you?  Because you ain't even in town........ And especially not down in the jail!!!  You never go in the jail Ever!  It is really bad that we all take an oath to be truthful and our boss, our leader who is never here LIES to the public every time she gets a chance.  We have no money left in our budget, but we are suppose to keep that quiet.  The Sheriffs office is all about horses and rodeos and now our Sheriff is claiming that we have locked up all of the meth makers.   That is how out of touch our boss is.  Why don't we come forward with our name? we will get fired!  Enough is enough!  

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