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Monday, August 29, 2016


Folks, why would anybody currently running for office in Decatur or Morgan County as a whole have the desire to help Sheriff Ana Franklin with the deficit she self inflicted on the County?  We realize that Franklin has followers who continue to support her.  However, the last thing Morgan County, Alabama needs is another corrupt politician.

We were told by the MCSO "insiders" that a campaign worker for Tab Bowling has been telling employees of the MCSO that if elected Mr. Bowling was trying to figure out a way to funnel approximately $900,000.00 into the Sheriffs Office to help with the shortfall of cash.  Thank God that did not happen.

Warning:  Do not give Sheriff Ana Franklin money, especially cash.  Should anyone desire to donate funds to the MCSO please go through your attorney to ensure those funds are appropriated legally and appropriately.

We believe that the insider contacts who are close to Franklin are credible and spoke the truth.  These are folks that are close to Franklin and do not speak off the cuff.  It may be that Mr. Bowling is unaware of what folks in his campaign are doing or saying.  Comment by Mr. Bowling follows this paragraph. 

"The statements that you have made are false. While I am glad to discuss matters impacting the City of Decatur with residents of Decatur, I will not respond to further anonymous communications."

Mr. Bowling, we greatly appreciate your comment.  We will continue monitoring Morgan County politicians and report issues that we believe could negatively impact our County as a whole.

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