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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Comments from our readers

Comment from Charley McCall:

I take what I read anywhere with a huge grain of salt. I came to this county 25 years ago. The past two sheriffs seem to have an agenda of serving for money. After reading stuff on this blog I recently spoke to two uniformed deputies out in the county. They told me about the budget that is in bad shape, no overtime the Sheriff as is posted here is never in her office and they don't know who is in charge. They say chaotic is a mild term for the status of the mood there. What is real concerning to me is if this was any other sheriff the mainstream news media would be all over this. My question is why is the commission chairman and the commissioners being so quiet? Why aren't they giving the Sheriff emergency funds just for overtime? I mean it is apparent the budget hasn't been managed well at all, but they could come up with those funds with some oversight. Why punish the deputies because their leader isn't doing her job and taking care of her troops? This is not just a Sheriff not doing her job properly, it is the commission being quiet and the mainstream press. Be quiet and it will all go away. This isn't good for our county.


Charley is right. This isn't good for our county.  Once all of the criminals are arrested the news media would come out of the woodwork acting like they have been researching what we are blogging about all along. The information has been reported to Channel 31, 48, and 19.  At first we sent them proof of what we were saying.  We met with some of them but they were more worried about being sued than reporting the news, that is unless it is about somebody in another county.  Of course it could be because Ana called them every time an incident occurred and she bathed in the attention.  I am not even sure they cared about the truth.  We know that Ana could care less about the truth. 

The sheriff's actions hurts the employees in the workforce as well as the county as a whole. I can't blame the Commission for not giving Franklin emergency work funds because she would just spend the money on another trip for herself and the thugamuffins and thugamuffinettes. Charlie is also right in saying that chaotic is a mild term for what is going on.  I would say it is at a boiling point.  I encourage the hard working men and women at the sheriff's office to contact us and tell us what you know.  Franklin will not figure out who is talking to us because she has very few friends in the sheriff's office now and they will be gone as soon as she is.  Crooked people will only work for crooked people.  Hilda loves the sheriff and follows her everywhere she goes. Hilda puts out the propaganda BS that Franklin dreams up at night.  To add insult to Ana's behavior she has lost all respect of the sheriff's in the surrounding counties.  

Now for our next comment from MCSO employees who care.

(This came from a group of Sheriff dept. employees, they are tired and fed up. I was asked if I could pass it on to WB. Ana and friends, We hope you all had fun at the beach. We know you all needed a rest after.......... Well whatever it is that you all do. Don't worry! We kept the county in order, give you a few drug arrests for you to post on Facebook and take the credit for, and just risk our lives as usual. And guess what???? We did it with no overtime. I hope that while you were eating at Lulus on the county dime, that you were thinking of a way to help us out. We need equipment, uniforms, more help, and god knows what else. You know, none of us are thieves or behave unethically. Therefore, we depend on overtime pay for court, working over, and filling in on other shifts since we are so understaffed. We have to provide for our families with the money we earn, not like some of your idiot cronies who lie on their time cards. We have proof and I assure you that it has been reported. How is there proof you ask? How does a person get paid for working 9 hours, when he was not even in the state? Tisk tisk!! That's not all the proof of unethical and immoral behavior that exists either. We have learned after seeing some of our friends get screwed over and forced out of their job, that we better start keeping notes. I assure you, there is a BUNCH of documentation being kept. There are videos, audio recordings, time cards, pay stubs, and who knows what else. Ana, you should know that you shouldn't mess with experienced law enforcement. Everyone in this department who is APOST certified has more experience and actual boots on the ground time than you. One more thing. We just learned that Blake Robinson is being paid as a patrol sergeant while Derek Fields is being paid as an investigator. How is Robinson being paid to do the job that Fields is doing?? Is it because you know that Robinson has no back bone and will squeal like a pig   Is it because you played him like a puppet and gave him a sergeant position for his back stabbing acts?  Or is t because you feel that if you take away his title that he will turn and testify against you.  Setting yourself up for another lawsuit..


Wow! Sheriff.  How does that make you feel.  You are sinking quickly and I don't believe any credible MCSO employees will come to your aid.  Maybe you can get Hilda to send out another one of your late night emails.  Maybe you should have another special session with Bones, Berzetts, Ziaja, Hilda, and the Goodwins to see where you go next.  We hope it is the pokey and we hope they all go with you.  As for Robinson he is about as trustworthy as a thief in the night.  Remember Robinson had a detail shop in the Hartselle Title Mart.  Hard working man that he is.  He used the Title Mart for his detail shop, Ziaja bought the cleaning gear to include a pressure washer and all cleaning supplies for the business and he and Robinson split the proceeds 70 - 40.  Blake Robinson got 70 percent and Steven Ziaja got 40 percent.  The Title Mart was never paid back for any of the equipment or supplies.  Nice.

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