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Monday, August 15, 2016

Comment from one of our readers

When somebody runs for Sheriff and addresses a crowd of voters they are telling those voters that they are the MOST EXPERIENCED person for the position. This has never been more so evident and apparently exaggerated with Ana Franklin. Franklin immediately upon being sworn into to office removed the policy and procedure manuals that the sheriffs department was operating under. These to the common person are the rules of operation. Things such as pursuit policy, use of force, department vehicle operation, report procedures, arrest procedures etc.. For now 6 years and into Franklin's second term she has struggled to adopt and implement new operational policies for the sheriff's office. 6 years! This is nothing short of negligent law enforcement management and leaves the sheriff's office open to huge civil liability issues and that is not what the executive of a law enforcement agency is supposed to do, it is negligence in management. In this day and time anyone that is seeking the office of Sheriff that person should be able and experienced enough to do policy in their sleep. But Franklin struggling for six years has decided to hire an outside consultant, retired Decatur Police Chief Ed Taylor to do the policy for her department at a price of nearly $2,000.00 maximum a month from her department's discretionary funds. This at a time when her budget is dangerously low and there is a no overtime order, patrol deputies (and no one else) has been ordered to watch their gas mileage, and when she refused to purchase a food bowl for a K-9 unit one week after taking 13 people to the beach for the State Sheriff's convention. It is very clear that Franklin's experience in law enforcement isn't what she claims when she ran for office. It is also very clear that there is apparently no one in her command staff in her judgement experienced enough to write her department's policy. 

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