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Monday, August 8, 2016

Booger and the River City Fitness Center

Folks, we hear Special Agent Steven Ziaja aka Booger is still pissed over the failure of the River City Fitness Center.  We hear that during Sheriff Ana Franklin’s first run for sheriff Booger purchased the fitness center for Franklin so that it would look like Franklin is a reliable business person.  The purchase was supposed to help her in the election.  The gym closed shortly after Franklin was elected as sheriff. 

During the election Sheriff Franklin passed out flyers to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office employees soliciting business for her gym.  The best report Decatur Daily ever had, reported on the incident.  Sheryl Marsh was hot on Ana’s trail from the campaign, campaign promises, and was a bull dog on reporting Franklin’s less than ethical conduct from day one until silenced.

Hum!  We have been told that Ziaja paid approximately $240,000 for the gym.  Now!  Booger is pissed.  He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Sheriff Franklin just to be duped, suckered, and pulled into the Title Mart debacle that cost him another $846,000.00.  Geeze Ziaja.  Is that Love or What?  

Fitness center flyer in question
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
A flier that circulated through the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department asking employees to join a fitness center Sheriff Ana Franklin once owned could possibly constitute a state ethics violation.
Franklin said the fliers were distributed to employees in the sheriff’s department before she took office and that she no longer owns the fitness center, but her daughter does.
The state’s ethics law prohibits elected officials from using their office for personal gain for themselves, a business or a family member.
Alabama Ethics Commission Director Jim Sumner, who does not address specific cases, gave a general assessment of Franklin’s situation.
“It’s not as strong as a person saying you need to do business with my company, but a flier is a subtle implication, especially when a person has a captive audience,” Sumner said. “I would say such a situation would be a potential ethics violation.”
The flier has a header stating “Fitness special for Morgan County sheriff’s office, $25 monthly or $99 for six months,” inviting personnel to join River City Fitness.
“I haven’t done that since I took office,” Franklin said, referring to the fliers, the latest controversial issue surrounding her since she took office Jan. 18.
Franklin would not say specifically who passed out the fliers. Her daughter Erica Franklin assumed ownership of the gym this year, according to Decatur’s revenue department.
The fitness center is located on U.S. 31 South.
No complaint has been filed against Franklin.
“A complaint can be filed by any citizen based on credible and verifiable information,” Sumner said. “Anybody who sees something they think is not right and they know some of the underlying facts can file a complaint and we will look into it.”

If the Ethics Commission determines the law was violated, Sumner said, the case would be referred for prosecution.

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