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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bili and his loyalty

Folks, everyday we hear more incidents of how Bili collects information so that he can rat people out to Sheriff Ana Franklin.

We were also told by a credible source that one of the deputies arrested one of Franklin's friends.  Which did not make Franklin happy.  One the day of the court proceeding, we hear that Bili went to the courthouse and told the Deputy he would not be needed in court.  The deputy said that Bili had the case dropped.

Most of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees now know who they can trust and who they can't.

We encourage the MCSO employees to keep on keeping on.  You folks have done a fantastic job despite the no show sheriff.

We do know that she was in the office yesterday.  However, we hear from the corrections officers that she has not even conducted a walk through in the jail in years.

How can you run a sheriff's office without hands on approach?

The MCSO is operating on limited resources, the corrections officers are seriously overworked and understaffed.  Now would be a good time for an outside agency to go into the jail and check out the the limited number of staff running the jail.

It is been brought to our attention that some families of the mentally ill requested an outside mental health agency inspect the Morgan County Jail a few weeks back.  Our question is why hasn't the agency been able to inspect the jail?  In the past, each time something like this has happened Franklin hid under Billable Barney's shirt tail.

Franklin, since you claim to have a 24X7 mental health ward with trained mental health professionals, what are you worried about?  If you have 76 mentally ill inmates, surely you want the protection and guidance of outside agencies that will be able to go back and let the public know how well the mentally ill are being treated in your jail.  This is one you brought on yourself with your less than truthful approach to dealing with the mentally ill.

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