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Monday, August 8, 2016

Authorities looking for Morgan inmate who escaped from funeral, Article from the Decatur Daily

Authorities are looking for a Morgan County inmate who reportedly failed to return to jail after he was released to attend a funeral this weekend.
Wendell Dewayne Thompson, 50, was released to be a pallbearer at his aunt’s funeral at Sharpley Funeral Home, according to an order by Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson.
Wendell Thompson was to be released to his sister by 10 a.m. Saturday and to return to jail by 6 p.m., according to the order.
Wendell Thompson last was seen at the funeral home, 410 Railroad St N.W., in Decatur, authorities said.
A second-degree escape warrant has been obtained for Wendell Thompson’s arrest, Morgan County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Mike Corley said.
“When he hadn’t returned by 6, the jail supervisor began to question the family about where he was,” Corley said. “Then around 7, the family said he had ran away during the funeral.”
Wendell Thompson’s last known address is an apartment at 307 Tammy St. S.W. in Decatur.
“We have a few places we’re checking in Decatur where we know he frequented when he was out of jail,” Corley said.
Wendell Thompson has been incarcerated since May 6 on a drug court violation, jail records show.
Wendell Thompson was ordered to drug court through a pretrial diversion program in connection with a November 2014 arrest on crack cocaine charges, court records show.
Decatur police arrested Wendell Thompson while they were investigating a drug house on Poole Valley Road, Lt. Proncey Robertson said.
“They stopped his vehicle as he was leaving the house and found he had crack cocaine,” Robertson said. “There were multiple people arrested on several charges when they went in afterward and busted the house.”

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