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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another prime example of a Morgan County Sheriff's Office Investigation-- compliments of Ken Callahan

Interesting that you mentioned polygraph testing. During my ordeal I was told by Captain Taylor that if I was willing to take a polygraph test and passed they would have no reason to arrest me. I gladly agreed to. He said the Lt. with Decatur police dept would be doing the test. Well they arrested me before the Lt. did the test (he was out of town). After he got back and after I was arrested we attempted to do the test. But the Lt. told me because of me being a diabetic the test he was trying to do he couldn't complete. He had me visit my doctor and removed all my medication except insulin for 48 hours. None of the medication I was taking was on the list of medicine not to take. But I wanted to get this over with.   He tried two times he couldn't complete the test.
My lawyer made arrangements for me to go to Birmingham to be tested by Mr Wolf one of the best in the state of Alabama. Questions was provided by investigators of Morgan County. I passed the test with no problems. He even told me he had never heard of what they had me do by not taking medication. Putting my health at risk.

After the passing of the polygraph the Morgan County Investigator then told me it had gone too far for them to drop the charges.

I later read a story about when the Lt. early in his career discharged his weapon. Captain Taylor told me at the time that the Lt. was the only one Morgan County trusted to do polygraph test.

I found out that there is two people within the DPD that could have provided me the polygraph test. Another example that Morgan County doesn't know what they are doing.   

This is a joke.

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