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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Andrea Whisenant Rutherford Resigns without proper notice all in the Family of the Berzett's

Folks Andrea Whisenant-Rutherford resigned abruptly with no notice.  You may recall ex Corrections Officer Whisenant-Rutherford tazed a compliant inmate approximately three times while he was on the ground.  Corrections Officer Nau was terminated or allowed to resign for doing the exact same thing that ex Corrections Officer Andrea Whisenant did.  They were involved in the same incident.

Ex Corrections Officer Whisenant-Rutherford's punishment was so horrific that we are surprised she held on as long as she did.  Whisenant was forced from swing shift to day shift and was moved upstairs to the Sheriff's office.  We understand that Whisenant may have seen Franklin once or twice in the past few months she has been working upstairs in the sheriff's office.  That too does not surprise us.

You may also recall that Corrections Officer Edward Rutherford is the nephew of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett and the Chief Financial Officer Pam Berzett.  In addition to this all in the Family blog we understand Alexandria Berzett is working for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office again.  Alexandria Berzett is Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett and the Chief Financial Officer Pam Berzett's granddaughter.  You may also remember that Alexandria Berzett was severely punished for using the NCIS database to conduct  a background check on her then boyfriend and the father of her baby.  Isn't it a small world?

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