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Friday, August 12, 2016

Ana's Gone Again. The employees of the MCSO are celebrating

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin did something she hasn't done in years.  Franklin visited the Morgan County Sheriff's office Monday - Wednesday this week.  She spent more of her time letting the F Bombs fly than conducting business. 

If you have ever wondered why there is so much disgruntlement in the sheriff's office you need only to look at the leaders in place.  The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is terribly dysfunctional.

The employees at the MCSO have had it.  They are pissed that Franklin came in with her F bombs and yelled and screamed at every one within ear shot, blamed everyone except for herself for the mess the sheriff's office is in.

Franklin misused and abused her office for years.  Franklin misused and abused her staff, deputies, jailers, and corrections officers.  They are all fed up and disgusted with Franklin.  Franklin is a disgrace to all of Morgan County and the people who voted her in.

She is gone one step lower according some of our readers who have family in the Morgan County Jail.  These folks wants justice.  The lies that she has readily told about her ability to care for the mentally ill is itself delusional.  The way that she claims that she has treated the disabled inmates is another delusional account.  Liar is a strong word that should not be used lightly.  Folks, Ana Franklin is a liar.  We have petitioned the Alabama State of Mental Health and Retardation to conduct a through investigation of her handling of the mentally disabled.

Franklin and her boyfriend wreck MCSO vehicles with no regard to the protocol and procedures for reporting such incidents.

She will lie her ass off given every opportunity.  The more we think about it, she and Steven Ziaja deserve each other;they are both just alike and worthless as tits on a boar hog.

We are getting additional information daily on Franklin, Ziaja, and Bones and their tactics to find out who the whistle blower is. No telling how many innocent dogs will die until they are able to find somebody that they think will spill the beans.  Sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don't.  All of you should feel like a nut.  Your attempts to "get me" at this point is ridiculous.  The whole darn county knows who you are now.  Many more will know in the weeks to come.

So go ahead and play your dirty worthless tricks.  We intend to keep the truth coming until the day we can play one of my favorite songs again.

One of the saddest parts of this story is the treatment of the MCSO employees both past and present and the inmates who have suffered at your hands due to inadequately trained personnel.  It is a disgrace that you work inmates as if they are your personal slave labor.  Karma is a bitch.

It is a disgrace when you go into a drug house and you arrest those who are doing drugs but you leave one woman out of the raid because of who she is.

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