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Monday, July 18, 2016

Steven Ziaja left behind

Folks, Steven Ziaja is probably learning what it feels like to be left behind.  We hear that Franklin has accepted a proposal from the love of her life and it ain't Ziaja.

When Ziaja became smitten with Franklin, it was during a turbulent time in Franklin's life.  Franklin found out that the man she was living with cared more for her daughter than he did for her.  The man left Franklin to marry her daughter before their first child was born.

Franklin was on the rebound and allegedly fell hard for a married man.  Franklin and Booger begin seeing each other and Booger fell head over heels for Franklin.  Booger is said to have worked hard during Franklin's first campaign for sheriff spending his inherited money on signs, advertisement on the radio, and appearances on the Cooper in the morning show.

We hear that Booger even tried to give Franklin his late grandmother’s engagement ring.  But for all of the hopes and promises for a wedding shortly after the Sheriff's coronation in 2011, no wedding bells were ringing.  Booger clings to hope and history repeats itself in 2014.  This time with a brand new purchased diamond ring and necklace.  Booger even met with Franklin's cousin and buddy Greg Steenson and at Franklin's encouragement, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Steenson's Title Mart scheme.  Booger even claimed to have sold multiple trailers and vehicles to the Title Mart and received large volumes of money in return for his sales.

To make a long story short Booger is broke.  No liquid assets.  A good potential of spending 10 to 20 years of his life in the pokey and to be honest, he deserves it based on our review of the documents we found of his involvement.  ‘Tis a sad tale. 

So! Why are all of the investors still jet setting around and as cocky as ever, arrogant as ever?  These folks truly believe they are above the law.  They believe they are untouchable.  They believe if they lie and stick together that they will not be convicted when and if they are charged with crimes.  We believe that justice will prevail.  That any and all of the underhanded investors and their side kick investment adviser will get what is coming to them in time.

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