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Friday, July 29, 2016

A friend of Ana's

Readers Comment:

Your blog has opened my eyes about Ana.  It would be wonderful if I could say that the blog has been wrong about your reporting of Ana but I can’t.  There is a few things that you need to know.  If you believe that Ana is going to be charged with ethics violations or criminal charges I am afraid that isn’t going to happen.  I’ve known Ana for many years and she hasn’t changed a bit.  If you expect the State to do anything about Ana’s ethics violations you are moving in the wrong direction.  The man you call Billable Barney and the Attorney General Luther Strange are very good friends if that tells you anything.  Not to mention that Barney relies heavily on his sister to help him.  He has always lived in her shadow.  Ana is on the Alabama Sheriff’s Association as well as the National Sheriff’s Association.  She knows she has the backing of the state on her side.  You should also know that Ana claims to be madly in love with Charley, she claims to be engaged, and looking for a home to share with Charley.  If Ana is telling the truth Charley’s family has money.   I don’t see Ana with anyone who doesn’t have money.  She learned her lesson with Gordon and Charley T. years ago.  That should help you to understand why booger is a thing of the past.  It saddens me that Ana has almost single handedly destroyed the sheriff’s office.  There has been a lot of unnecessary spending.  When Ana brought the Berzett’s into our circle she became possessed, money flowed, everything had to be beautiful, and Ana had to be center stage.  I want to apologize for being a part of the circle, for being Ana’s friend, for being in the posse, and most of all for watching the sheriff’s office become an embarrassment to our county.


Folks, we really love the comments but it seems as if this reader has a lot more they could be telling us.  We ask you folks to please come forward and do not let crooked law enforcement officers get away with corruption the way crooked Hillary did.  It is always darkest before the dawn.  If Donald Trump is elected as our next president crooked Hillary could and will face corruption charges.  That being said we should never give up hope that we can clean up corruption in Morgan County, Alabama.  There is nothing worse that corrupt law enforcement officers and elected officials.

Morgan County has some damn good law enforcement officers, employees, and staff.  We must work even harder each day to force the State and Federal agencies to take a look at Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Corrections Officer Kelso,  Deputy Robinson, and the Alabama Law Enforcement Officers that we have identified on our blog multiple times.  We need a fresh start.  We need to rid the sheriff's office of Franklin's cronies such as the Goodwin's, Berzett's, and all of the other family and friends that is holding the Morgan County Sheriff's Office hostage.

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