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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Morgan County officials working with people of color in our community - Our vision and our view - Our opinion of the sheriff is last and the weakest link

We are happy that most officials within our community are working with people of color in Morgan County to help identify racial tension as seen by people of color and not just from our own perception.  We all have our own perception of what we believe is the level of tension within our community.  To get into the trenches and to the heart of our deep divide we must go deeply into the communities, churches, engage in town hall meetings, set up community meetings within the community.  We must be willing to listen, learn, and work on the perceptions of others.

We must develop levels of communications on both sides that will influence behavior to motivate, build levels of trust, and awareness.  Once we build the bridges we must have a continuous working relationship with the community. We must listen and address the issues.

We know the city of Decatur and the Decatur PD are busily building their relationship with the community.  Our court systems are working hard on ensuring fair and equitable sentences for all ethnic groups.

Morgan County must have the support and participation of all people in power.

We must ensure that we focus on all people of color and ensure that we have the ability to set our communications lines up with adequate linguistics and ensure that our dialog is structured for all.

We need to ensure that all leaders and folks in positions of power within our community (Morgan County) play a significant role in building bridges for all the people in our community.  We need to include clergy and school participation.  Prejudice behavior starts at home.  We need early learning and participation from school age groups to grow our programs.

Last but not least.   The weakest link within our county is within the MCSO. We know this because the people of color who worked for the MCSO have made their complaints known.  The sheriff's office could play a significant role in building bridges within the community.  With a no show sheriff and her tag a longs jet setting at the expense of the tax payers, we do not see a lot of participation coming from the Sheriff's Office.

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