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Monday, July 18, 2016

Franklin and friends holiday down south

We believe we passed Sheriff Ana Franklin, the Berzett’s, and Ana’s new boyfriend in Orange Beach and then again in Biloxi this past weekend.  It is truly a small world.  We knew that Franklin’s new love Charlie lives in Mobile County, Alabama in the Saraland section of the county.  We understand that Franklin and Charlie are looking for houses in the Mobile because Charlie currently lives in the home of a relative.  Perhaps the Berzett’s were helping with the house hunting.  Our belief is that the jet-setting Berzett’s and Franklin were just out having a good time.  Our question is who is paying for the trip to Mobile, Orange Beach, and Biloxi?  Why would Charlie be driving an MCSO vehicle?  We could not find any ongoing training or classes for law enforcement in the area this past weekend.  We did find out that the Alabama Sheriff’s Association deputy sheriffs training this year is at the Perdido Beach Resort from 2 – 6 August 2016.  The training this year focuses on law enforcement training handling incidents with people who suffer from mental illness.  We can’t help but wonder how many deputies from the MCSO will be allowed to attend this training.  We do know that neither of the Berzett’s showed up for work last Friday or today.  Did the MCSO employees apply for holiday or sick leave?  The Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett, the acting financial officer (Pam Berzett), and the sheriff herself all on holiday at the same place at the same time.  Very Interesting.  Oh! Did we mention that the sheriff’s secretary Hilda Etienne was also in Orange Beach this past Friday and weekend as well?  Did we mention that Hilda is not at work today as well? 

Here is what we think.  Sheriff Ana Franklin in an effort to ensure she made it to the Alabama Sheriffs Association training in time and well before the starting date of training on August 2, 2016 justified an advanced party trip to the area.  The conference is scheduled to be held in Period Beach on 2 thru 6 August 2016. 

We also understand that Franklin is planning on touring several of the jails while down south in an effort to determine if they house federal inmates.  We believe she expects to be a federal inmate in the near future and she hopes to be housed in a local jail where she can easily go out on work release.  Why not?  It works that way in Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.  Some inmates are known to be out as much as 18 hour days.  Franklin’s desire is to stay as close to Charlie as possible.  We can’t help but wonder if he will be willing to wait on her. 

We also hear that Tutwiler women’s prison is beautiful this time of year and that sheriff Franklin will also be touring Tutwiler soon.  Ana, we understand that the accommodations are free.  We expect Franklin to eventually be a keynote speaker within the federal or state prison system.  We hope that Franklin shares some of her subject matter knowledge with the other inmates on how to build clothes line within the confinements of prisons wall and jails, budget management, how to invest in Ponzi schemes, and responsibilities of county sheriff’s in Alabama.  

We hope that Franklin will spend some time writing her memoirs on her time as sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.  We understand that Franklin demands solitude during her downtime, loves to sleep late, and demands a solitary space when working on are memoirs.  That should not be a problem.  However, the nightlife may be a little bit more limited than the freedom she has today.

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