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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When you gonna learn Ana? When you gonna learn?

Folks, William Daniel Moore is one of the inmates who is being allowed out of jail on work release and has signed back into the jail drunk and high on METH. Please pay close attention to the first page of the first court document.  Notice that Judge Thompson made his ruling very clear.  "The Court further finds the Defendant is a danger to the public at large."

This is the type inmate that Sheriff Ana Franklin is releasing into the City of Decatur, the National Guard, the Animal Shelter, and into the county.  Place close attention to page number four.  Sergeant Danny Kelso is the Corrections Office responsible for informing the sheriff that Moore is a danger to the public at large. Kelso did not make the decision to release Moore into the public nor did any other employee.  Franklin will point her finger at someone and ensure heads roll not because she is worried about the public.  It will be because she got caught.  I am not warm and fuzzy about giving Kelso a break but Franklin is close to relatives of the Moore family.  Same as Timothy Alan Hall.  Hall committed  vehicular  homicide and is also in work release.  He gets a break because he is the first cousin of Sheriff Ana Franklin's son-in-law.

What part of the Court proceedings did Sheriff Ana Franklin not understand?

In addition Moore was also convicted of unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance of a controlled substance in Lawrence County on July 20, 2016.


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