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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Comment from Deputy

Comment from one of our readers:

How the heck does Ana think we can keep working like this? A bunch of us didn’t mind not getting paid for 30 or 45 minutes a day.  We work hard and though she was going to take care of us.  She pretty well beat us down. First it was all about the posse and we followed. A lot of cash was made and spent. We got nothing. We worked like dogs.  Somebody should be looking at the number of people who are reserves an posse who are driving the sheriff’s fleet with gas cards.  Ask Ana how Erikas house was fixed. Ask Ana how much stuff is in her house that belongs to the sheriff’s office.  Ask Ana about where the posse saddles and stuff went. Ask her how many times she promised us raises. Asked her how many of us she ordered to work on the campaign. Ask her how we did it. You will get what we got for a raise. Nothing.

Comment from the blogger:

A damn shame...........................

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