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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Work Release Story

Folks, it seems that there are many, many stories about the work release programs, the number of inmates who are allowed, or not allowed, to participate in the programs, county liability, etc. Here's another one and it is unfortunate.

Recently, in a neighboring County, an inmate on work release was killed in an accident involving bush-hogging.  The inmate was jailed for non-payment of child support and was allowed to work off some of his debt through the work release program in his county.  
This inmate died an honorable death.  He had an opportunity to pay his child support so that the state would not be burdened with yet another debt. We congratulate the counties that work the inmates that deserve to be worked.  Our hearts go out to the family that lost a loved one yesterday.  He was a father and a son.  God rest his soul.

This blog does not intend to make light of this unfortunate incident but will only observe that if he had been in Morgan County sheriff's custody, he'd be alive today.  His crime did not meet the strict standards of the MCSO work release program.  Based on anecdotal evidence, in Morgan County he would have to have been jailed for manufacturing or distributing meth (in or out of the jail), DUI, felonious assault, murder or similar crimes.  Hardened criminals all.  Mere non-payment of child support?  Hah!  Not even close.

Doesn't it seem odd to you, that the inmates selected to go out and mingle with the public are the very ones the public would be horrified if they knew?   For safety's sake, if for no other reason, wouldn't it make more sense to select inmates,who are no danger to the public, to be the ones to step outside the walls for a job?

Suspicious minds are considering the why's and why not's of  Franklin's rules (not policy because there isn't any) and what motive does she have to run what appears on the surface to be a ring of felons spread here and there throughout the county, doing God knows what.  Is all this mere coincidence or is a plan? Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

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