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Friday, July 22, 2016

A few good men

Folks, most of the original sheriff's office deputies are gone.  Many of the most experienced deputies have transferred to Marshall County, Cullman County, Decatur PD, Hartselle PD, Madison County, and Falkville PD or was forced to resign or be fired.  That is far better than what happens to the people of color that was hired by previous sheriff's.  We have a few good deputies that has been with MCSO for several years we must count on those deputies to protect us.  As you know from our blog clerks, kitchen, and commissary has been forced out to ensure that Franklin has her thugamuffins and thugamuffinetts in place to do her bidding and the bidding of the Acting Sheriff.  Heck the acting sheriff's wife is controlling the MCSO budget.

We are very concerned that the MCSO has a serious shortage of qualified deputies to protect and serve the county.  There are not enough of the long term knowledgeable deputies to cover the entire county 24X7.

Most of the other deputies that Sheriff Franklin and Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett have brought on board did not have completed background checks.  We have explained in previous blogs as to why the background checks have not been completed.

Now we hear that the Acting Sheriff is bringing his Granddaughter back on board to work for the MCSO.

Inmates are running around Morgan County dressed as if they are civilians bringing drugs into the facility, drunk, singing is under the influence, and God knows what else.

We have also heard the the sheriff had a sweet deal in Somerville for the Substation that she lost because she did not hold up her end of the bargain.  The Sheriff's Office lost the substation due to none payment.

The sheriff was more interested in having a birthday week in Mobile and Orange Beach with her entourage than taking care of business at home.  Our question is who paid for the trip.  We found out yesterday that her daughter and her husband were also at the beach.  Sheats is Franklin's son-in-law who was hired as a representative for a food distribution company that provides food to the commissary.  We have also been told that Franklin provided documentation from the previous company to Sheats.  Can you do that?

When we add up some of the very strange incidents involving the Sheriff, some of the MCSO employees, and their investments with the Title Marts something just doesn't feel right.  We hope all of these people can prove that the purchases and the activities were legit.

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