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Thursday, July 28, 2016

A comment from one of our readers

Comment from one of our readers:

Did you know Sheriff Franklin lost Central where we've been meeting for years because she didn't pay the rent of the patrol place. She just dumped a bunch of money on refurbishing and refinishing that building and then they lost it.

Blogger Comments:

Unfortunately it appears that Sheriff Ana Franklin could care less because it isn't her money that was spent.  Sheriff Franklin should be impeached for dereliction of duty, fraud, waste, and abuse, and abuse of power.

We didn't even mention the Title Mart investments, the ethics violations, and the excessive waste and abuse of the posse and the posse funds.

Our hearts go out to the MCSO employees.  The road deputies are taking a beating.  They are over worked, underpaid, and have been told "NO OVERTIME".  The deputies will be required to work compensatory time which will continue to accumulate.  They will not be able to take the compensatory time because they are understaffed.  

Folks, this is no way to run a public office.  It is a disgrace.  

It is time for Sheriff Ana Franklin to step down. Franklin should not be allowed to touch the new operating funds once made available 1 October 2016.  

The number of lawsuits that Franklin has racked up since taking office must be taking a toll on the budget.  Add in the wrecked vehicles, the number of folks driving MCSO vehicles that are not APOST certified or are actual corrections officers, and the money that has been spent out of the MCSO funds on the posse is staggering.  

What really pisses us off is that Sheriff Franklin acts as if she does not have a care in the world.  Maybe she doesn't but her employees do.  The employees have families to care for, they have bills, and their children are active in school and sports.  The hardworking employees of the MCSO deserve better than this.

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