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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Steven Ziaja Alabama Law Enforcement Officer or Embarrassment

Folks, we have spoken in depth of Sheriff Ana Franklin's ex-fiancee Steven Ziaja.  Tonight we have more to discuss.  We have heard from three different families who had experiences with Ziaja in his capacity as an Alabama Law Enforcement Agent.  In each complaint what we found was disturbing.  Each individual filed a complaint with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.  In one incident Ziaja is accused of following a woman  until she called foul.  The female challenged Ziaja and reported him to his headquarters in Montgomery.  We heard another complaint from a store owner.  Another complaint came from a family that accused Ziaja of multiple misconduct issues.  The family said that in their case two Alabama Law Enforcement officers met with them. and assured them that they had hoped that the couple was not credible but found that they were.  The ALEA officer assured the couple that they would get back with them once they completed their investigation.  The couple heard through their contacts that the ALEA special agents met with Sheriff Franklin and that is where the investigation ended.  The couple never heard back from the investigators.  The same story was heard from the woman that accused Ziaja of stalking her in a grocery store.

What is wrong with these people?  Do people like Ziaja have a license to harass anybody they decided to harass.

Another story came to  us from a family that Ziaja and his non law enforcement cousin decide to conduct a search on the property.  Ziaja came in flashing his badge claiming you know who I am,  I am Ana Franklin's boyfriend.  We are going to search this house.  If we find nothing no harm, no foul. The family filed a complaint to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.  Again.  Nothing. What does it take to stop Gestapo behavior from the ALEA protected class?  Surely Ziaja must have a 'protector' somewhere in the hierarchy; otherwise he would have been reined in.  Instead he is allowed to run roughshod over the lives of innocent people, defenseless against bullies like Ziaja!

Is the Alabama Law Enforcement Office also turning their heads to yet another incident with Ziaja? Ziaja was the first to boast that he had no concerns with his activities with the Title Mart business. Who in the ALEA has even glanced at his activities.  We should also mention Ziaja's boss John Venegoni.  Who is taking note of Venegoni's behavior?

What kind of system is the Alabama Law Enforcement Office working under?

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