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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rumors Flying

Are some of the actions that have been conducted by parties involved in the Title Mart debacle fraudulent?  We have many questions such as where are the VIN numbers to some of the equipment and the vehicles bought, sold, or traded to the Title Mart?  How can you buy, sell, or trade vehicles without clear titles and VIN numbers?  Where are the titles that reflect ownership?  How can a person sell a vehicle without a clear title?  Who is to blame for the lack of complete documentation?  It appears that both the buyer and the seller would be equally responsible.  Especially if the company, buyer, or seller undergoes an IRS audit. Not to mention a law enforcement investigation, or if a bankruptcy court orders the documentation.

Folks around town are asking how each of the public officials or elected officials who invested in the Title Mart will be asked to prove the who, what, when, where, how, and why they came up with the money, equipment, trailers, and vehicles to invest, buy, sell, or to trade in the Title Mart.

The question is who will conduct the investigation?  Surely, Sheriff Franklin's office will not be asked to investigate.  Will it come out in the Bankruptcy proceedings?  Will the State Attorney General's office open an investigation. Will the State Attorney General request an outside agency review?  Will the ethics commission open an investigation?

We have documents that we believe will be hard to explain once an investigation is opened.  We are sitting on ready to turn copies over to some investigative agency; any investigative agency will work. Eventually somebody is going to take interest in these document.  Personally we would rather fall on our sword and self report our actions vice waiting for investigations to open and close.

What often happens in these type cases is that some of the parties end up in jail or prison.   Self reporting is one of the hardest things a man or woman can do. You must admit you have done something wrong, take full responsibility for your actions, and accept the consequences.  We recommend that one of you man or women up or this could happen to you.................................................

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