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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Questions for Greg Steenson

Greg, do you still own the 2015, 23 foot Crest Marine pontoon boat,  registration number AL 1894MT.  The boat was registered June 23, 2015, decal number 15371386, Hull number CSM10038515?  Did you report the ownership to the Bankruptcy Court?  Did you sell it to Steven Ziaja as a real deal?  Did the Title Mart pay for your boat?  Is this one of the boat's you, your ex-wife, Ziaja and Franklin used when boating.

Greg, your hand-written lists of vehicles, trailers, campers, and cars  you and Ziaja traded does not make any sense to me.  Where did Ziaja get all of those vehicles?  Did you send in for an Alabama Title on the vehicles?  If I was billable Barney or Contingency Barney, I would make damn sure that Ziaja and Franklin did not make me look like the back end of a horses ass.  Handling huge sums of cash in the name of Ana Franklin for the Title Marts is not a smart action for anyone to practice.

The handwritten notes do not look favorable for Steven Ziaja, Greg Steenson, and Ana Franklin.  We have found additional information in the left behind files that reflects that Reggie Sharp and Linda Chaffin also invested in the Title Marts. We found that interesting so we did a double check.  It appears that Reggie Sharp is Huey Sharp's son and that Linda Chaffin is the the ex-wife of Huey Sharp. Huey Sharp is Ana Franklin's step dad.  This falls right in line with the all in the family theory.  Ana Franklin invests, Alyssa Franklin works for the Title Marts, Ana Franklin's daddy was paid multiple times for things he did for the Title Mart plus he purchased several vehicles from the Title Marts and got fantastic deals. How can a car dealership purchase vehicles from wholesale companies, Lynn Layton, and other dealerships and sell them for half of what they paid for them?

We also found a history of the house that Franklin lives in on Perkinswood Road. As it turns out Greg Steenson lived in the Perkinswood Road house in and around 1987.  Nothing like keeping it all in the family/


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