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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Deputies and More

Folks, It appears that Sheriff Ana Franklin has come a long way in accomplishing her mission of ridding the MCSO of all of her predecessor's employees and the predecessors before him.  The question is why?  What does Sheriff Ana Franklin have to hide that she wants to rid the department of all of the qualified employees to bring in her friends and relatives and Larry Berzett's friends and relatives.

Many of the new hires appear to be from neighboring counties such as Lawrence and Limestone counties.  It is apparent that Sheriff Ana Franklin wants to control every detail of the sheriff's office in secrecy.  She should know by now that isn't going to happen.  A lot of good employees have been forced out without recourse.  Franklin knows that being an 'at will' state she can successfully get rid of the folks that she chooses to.  She has taken full advantage of ridding the office of anyone who disagrees with her way of serving and protecting the citizens of Morgan County.

When Franklin initially ran for sheriff everyone was excited.  Steven Ziaja, Jennifer and Johnny Howell worked very hard to ensure Franklin was elected. When Howell ran for Judgeship Franklin and Ziaja reciprocated and worked very hard to ensure Howell's election.  This three being young blood had a plan to change the county, make the county a better place to live, and weed out some of the old.

Well!  How's that working for us folks?  We have to admit these three young bloods have succeeded in more than enough controversial moments than most local politicians can accomplish during a 20 year career.  What do you get when you elect an incompetent judge, sheriff, and then throw in a dead bea Alabama Law Enforcement Agent?  The Blogger!

What do you get once everything is said and done?

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