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Sunday, June 5, 2016

More thoughts and comments

Folks, one of our readers wanted to know what ever happened to the guy who was driving the MCSO cruiser that had his camper trailer parked at a county RV resort.  

To the best of our knowledge this person is not a MCSO employee and is no longer acting as a roving patrol for the resort.  

We have been asked how people who do not work for the MCSO are allowed to drive MCSO vehicles?  We cannot answer that question, however, if a serious accident occurs we are sure that question will be answered for us.  

We have been told that at least one of these folks is permanently disabled and draws disability and is covered by disability insurance.  Perhaps if the person wrecks while driving a MCSO vehicle they will be covered by disability insurance.  Our concern is that this is a serious liability for the county.  

This same guy claimed that he had not gotten around to updating his FB.  We found that interesting since all of the post were current and up to date when we reviewed the FB.

Thinking about some of the folks that are hanging around all the drama and the blitz and wonder of the law enforcement officers involved with the Title Mart debacle and the posse reminds us as groupies.  Remember those kids in the sixties and seventies who followed the bands around hoping for just a little bit of attention by the group.  What comes to mind most is the music group the Beatles.  All the beautiful young ladies following them around.   

It must seem exciting for the groupies to tag along a law enforcement officers who boast of their trips to Colorado, Tennessee cabins, so much money they can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and claim that easy come easy go in the loss of money, or they claim that Greg Steenson is not the "BAD" guy, and then they prove it by handling cash money on Steenson's behalf.  

Folks please do not think that OH! this stuff happened months ago. Yes! It must be very exciting for young women and men who should be home with their families instead of living days of our life with the dumb and dumber.

Oh! The night life! One of the reasons this lifestyle is fun and games to the groupies is because the people they are looking up to is law enforcement officers.  The untouchable and those who claim to be law enforcement, or at least once in their life they carried a badge.  

Let's not forget the rodeo scene.  How many times we have seen the groupies chase after Franklin for just a smile.  Hum!  Did you know that in the Bee population that they can only be one queen bee and the drones are there to serve the queen.  Interesting.

One of these folks in particular has beautiful children but satisfaction can't be found at home.  Like they say.  Home is where the heart is.  What do you tell your children when the fun is over? 

We have watched the lavish lifestyle of these folks play on the blog with the fancy horses, gear, saddles all detailed with the Morgan County Sheriff so we will know who they belong to, trips, fancy trucks, fancy attire, and deer hunts, and on and on and on.  How much money has all of these outside activities brought back into  our county.  Better yet.  How much money have all of these activities cost the county.

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